Special assignments

Occasionally we are contacted to undertake special projects. These vary from recruiting for a Private Residence to a Royal Palace to a Private Jet.

Positions also vary from Executive Chefs, Butlers, Pilots, Officers, Technical engineers and staff.

Hotel Furniture & Amenities

With a network in Asian countries and especially in Indonesia and Thailand we have identified producers of furniture and hotel amenities that make the difference not only in price but in quality. Most manufacturers and based on the order they provide assembly of products on site. Our colleagues in either country do assist in all formalities for safe shipment of goods.

SPA Products & Amenities

Thailand is the most famous country of SPA. Anything that a SPA owner or manager can imagine can be identified from the furnishings of the establishment to the essence of the area. All at a very low price. Our colleagues in Bangkok can very easily assist in the shipping formalities and transportation of goods.

Uniforms and other material

Recruiting for Hotels, Cruise Ships and Yachts, we have been many times asked to have the people carry with them a uniform or two.
We have identified producers of Uniforms and luxurious linen; towel manufacturers, in Asian countries that can tailor make your design in any material including Uniforms, for cooks, chefs and front of the house employees.


For Special projects please contact us at office@gmsoffice.com.