By design, our business is focused on select client relationships in specific industries. This affords us access to the broadest possible universe of talent, prevents "off limits" conflicts, and allows us to form enduring strategic partnerships with our clients.

Locating the proper employees is paramount to the success of our clients in the hospitality industry. It is essential that those personnel who are in direct contact with the guests be selected not only for their technical competence, but also for their diplomacy, etiquette and good nature.

International staffing adds additional challenges to the task, but it also provides tremendous opportunities for reducing human resource cost for locating the world's best personnel.


Our global presence assures that all client assignments benefit from an intimate understanding of local languages, customs, and cultures. Our global nature notwithstanding, Global Management & Services cultivates a cohesive, client-centered culture that ensures consistent quality, service, and results-regardless of geography or discipline.

Human Resources

Global Management & Services offers a customized package of services. The globalization of the labour market and our experienced and trained staff can help your organization navigate through the complications of international staffing to reap the full reward of this human resource alternative.

  • Personnel Recruitment and Placement.

  • Candidate Screening.

  • Access to our Global Network.

  • Established Co-Operative Training Facilities.

  • Multi-Cultural and Multi-National Experience.

  • International Travel and Documentation Services.

Experience and Intelligence

Global Management & Services consultants are highly capable within the respective geographies and industries they serve. Clients consistently praise us for the quality of our advice, and for our ability to render helpful and objective judgments around the world.


A significant percentage of Global Management & Service's business results from client referrals and repeat business. In addition to reflecting our clients' level of satisfaction, this arrangement helps us form long-term, meaningful relationships with organizations and potential candidates in every industry and market we serve.


Global Management & Service's extremely high success rate gives the organizations we serve the confidence to trust us with the most sensitive and complex recruiting challenges.