Payroll solutions

For Maritime Industry

How does the Program work

  • Open a Bank Account dedicated to Company Payroll
  • Once the Bank Account is opened then we collect in soft form all crew documents (Passport & Employment Contract) for individual Bank Accounts under the Company Payroll
  • Monthly payroll goes to company account
  • Company provides excel list with all officers and crew enlisted once a month and with corresponding amounts to be transferred to their accounts.
  • Officer and Crew Accounts are loaded with Funds within two hours from receipt of the funds and the excel list.

Ship Owner Account

Bank Account for Ship Owner.

Below you’ll find a list of documents you are required to hand over due to Anti-money laundering policies as well as a form to fill out. Please be aware that the Bank reserves the right to request for any additional documents if needed

  • Copy of passport or government issued ID from CEO, authorised signatories and all members of the board of the applying company.
  • Introduction of Business Plan (if available).
  • Origin of business/service.
  • Copy of Business/Operating License (if applicable).
  • Copy of PCI Compliance Certificate (if applicable).
  • Financial history – last years financial statement and operating history.
  • Origin of financial resources.

gms payroll chart01


  • US Dollar
  • Euro
  • UK Pound

Bank Account Security

  • Bank account insurance
  • Bank security systems
  • Online access to account
  • Monthly reports
  • No Cash to transfer
  • No cash to Pay and account for as all transactions are shown online instantly

Advantages with Crew Bank Account

Savings in Costs:

  • Bank Transfer Fees
  • Time to transfer funds
  • Reduction in monthly payroll cost
  • Less costly errors
  • No cash on board
  • Bank Insurance
  • Security at no cost
  • Detailed statements of accounts
  • Easier to Manage payroll

Customized Vessel PrePaid Card

One card for the use of the Captain

Can be used for:

  • Port purchases
  • Repairs (where accepted)
  • Food items
  • Fuel
  • Vessel Supplies

Advantages of the Vessel PrePaid Card

  • Easy to control supplies
  • Ship agent expense control
  • Order and pay Supplies prior to port arrival
  • Company budget control
  • Less cash on board
  • Easier to manage accounting

Individual Accounts Officers and Crew

Program offers PrePaid Visa Payroll Cards to account holders

  • Visa Logo
  • Chip (Advanced Security)
  • One Card for personal Use & Optionally
  • Second Card for family use

Their accounts are easy to manage online as they can perform the following 24 hours / 7 days a week:

  • International Transfers
  • Balance inquiries
  • Customer Service
  • Load their Prepaid Payroll Cards
  • Load their families Prepaid Cards

Crew Visa PrePaid Card Design

Visa Cards can be designed to have either:

  • Company Logo
  • Vessel Image

Use of Pre Paid Payroll Cards

  • At any port
  • Anywhere that Visa is accepted
  • At any ATM with Maestro / Visa logo to withdraw cash in local currency
  • In the airport


  • Easy access online for transfers
  • Online detailed account transactions
  • Security in Banking software
  • Easy to add new crew online
  • Training